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Moira White

My work hopefully reflects my passion for glass, the endless ways it changes in light, its myriad colours. Living close to the land on a smallholding in west Wales I am immersed in the landscape – from big skies of shifting shadows to a small beetle hiding under a leaf in the polytunnel. My love of crows, ravens and raptors is often recognised in the larger panels.

Most of the jewellery comes from my exploration of layering and cutting. A pre-fused panel is created by layering the glass and fusing it slowly in the kiln. Individual, unique pieces are cut from this, each capturing a fragment of the whole, a microcosm from a macrocosm. 
I like to create a sense of depth in each piece, much as you can look into a pond and see each strata of life unfolding. Lustring and engraving often add to this layering.

When people see my work I want them to fall in love with colour and sparkle all over again, like we did in childhood, and to let loose their inner magpie.


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